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Montgomery already faces sentencing next month in a New York-based cheque-fraud case that has already seen his former partner Marion Jones, the mother of his son Tim Jr, imprisoned for two months for a minor role in the scheme.
In studies involving more than 35,000 people and a survey across the entire human genome, an international team supported in part by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has found evidence that common genetic variants recently linked to osteoarthritis may also play a minor role in human height.
For whatever reason, I was portrayed as the villain although I actually played a very minor role in the whole incident.
The military plays a minor role as he discusses such topics as barbed wire disease, the hangman, the Trojan women, the devil's advocate, and the last man to get away.
If John Walker Lindh earned punishment for his very minor role as a member of the Taliban forces, why wasn't Jane Fonda prosecuted?
None of the arguments currently advanced in support of drug laws played more than a minor role in initiating prohibition.
The one adult with a minor role is annoying: Cooking over a fire, he warns the children (in English), "Be careful
Her sister Mary, playing a minor role in this scene, acts more prophetically in a later chapter when she is identified as the one who perfumes the feet of Jesus in symbolic anticipation of his burial.
messages" from the involved musculature to the CNS) plays a minor role in the execution of the skill.
The veteran writer and director hands over the spotlight to Biggs and plays a more minor role in the comedy.
Elliott was quite content to play a minor role this morning as he prepared himself for a big score.
Probably the most surprising finding is that true inside information--the kind that tends to get insiders into trouble with the SEC--plays at most a minor role in the insider trading decisions of top executives.
The study found that, contrary to conventional market wisdom, customer activity and demand often played only a minor role in dictating prices.
The 39-year-old took his case to London's Appeal Court, claiming his sentence failed to reflect his minor role in the operation but yesterday, his case was dismissed.
And, as revealed by the startling new documentary Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin, airing January 20, he triumphed, even if the mainstream history books have up until now given him a minor role in the key political struggle of the last century.