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the premise of a syllogism that contains the minor term (which is the subject of the conclusion)

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First, the rule of conversion modifies the minor premise such that "no X is M" is converted into "no M is X.
Thus, the minor premise "some X is not M" is impossible to convert.
The truth of the minor premise of the second Paralogism cannot, Kant argues, be proven through concepts alone (that is, analytically), through experience (that is, synthetically), or by inference from experience.
The minor premise, not-q, eliminates all but the last of these models, so that the conclusion not-p can be derived.
32) This major premise is qualified by the minor premise that the incarnation of the Word "took place according to the male sex," a fact that does not imply a superiority of men over women but which nonetheless conveys a harmony in the plan of salvation revealed by God and symbolically important for the economy of revelation.
For if major premise and minor premise are to lead to conclusion, all three must be intelligible.
The former premises are designed to establish what I call the minor premise of the two-premise version of DA.
Moreover perceiving per accidens typically provides the minor premise for the practical syllogism as it makes it possible for us to know singular propositions, especially those about substances.
Argumentation with an unexpressed minor premise or an unexpressed major premise is more correctly identified when the explicit premise follows the standpoint.
It was becoming clear that, in Aristotelian science, the property belonging to a subject (namely, the predicate of the conclusion, or the major term) has certain implications, because of its both existing and being demonstrated, for the status of the definition in the minor premise.
In contrast to (10) the existential force does not carry upwards from the minor premise to the minor term.
At times the argumentation is off, with some major conclusions following from some minor premises, and there is also a lot of repetition in what is a short book.
Object of the contract is the realization of the "Telematic Network InfoCamere dorsal-A" and the provision of related services, data transmission required to connect InfoCamere with the major and minor premises of Chambers of Commerce and with the seats of certain bodies of the system Chambers.
In doing so, awareness and analysis of the major and minor premises of proposed approaches becomes unavoidable," he added.
4 m main room is a multipurpose classroom traffic education, then there are minor premises used to operate the transport field: bike storage s workshop rooms for teachers, administrators room, bathroom.