minor leaguer

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a player on a minor-league baseball team

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Traded for Jose Contreras in exchange for cash and a minor leaguer
Pair of Twins Minor Leaguers Suspended for PEDs (http://bizofbaseball.
Gonzalez was the third batter in each of the first six innings against a team of Tampa Bay minor leaguers.
Six Minor Leaguers Suspended for PEDs, Total Now 42 (http://bizofbaseball.
Unlike most 32-year-old major-league veterans, the former Montclair Prep of VanNuys star is spending the offseason playing winter ball, surrounded by minor leaguers.
Minor Leaguers also did their part, recording 106 homers in 80 games.
Three Minor Leaguers Suspended for Drug Violations (http://bizofbaseball.
But for now, he says teaching baseball fundamentals to eager minor leaguers has had a rejuvenating effect.
3 starter Odalis Perez worked a two-inning simulated game against each other on a Dodgertown back field Wednesday morning, pitching to several minor leaguers.
Marlins trades complete: As expected, Carlos Delgado was traded to the New York Mets by the cost-cutting Florida Marlins on Thursday for first baseman Mike Jacobs and two minor leaguers - pitcher Yusmeiro Petit and infielder Grant Psomas.
and ``NYPD Blue,'' has hooked up with comedy writers Mitchel Katlin and Nat Benstein to develop a sitcom for Fox about another bunch of minor leaguers.
In a trade of players not expected to make their old clubs' big-league rosters, the Angels filled the last hole in their bullpen with Prinz, 27, rather than minor leaguers Chris Bootcheck and left-hander Jake Woods, both likely bound for Triple-A Salt Lake's rotation.
Amazingly, baseball has a stricter drug policy for minor leaguers than for big leaguers.
He says he's spoken with team officials about implementing his well-researched arm strength and long-toss conditioning program and has worked individually with several of the team's minor leaguers, but nothing more has come of it.
67) among Rangers' minor leaguers with at least 92 innings.