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the shorter or shortest axis of an ellipse or ellipsoid

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It can be approximated as three rectangular with major and minor axis a and b.
2] and then calculated the transition quadrupole moment Q which is related to the ratio X of the major to minor axis.
Weedy rice seeds length, width, rectangular aspect ratio, major axis length, minor axis length, and aspect ratio were analyzedusing one way analysis of variance (ANOVA) by comparing the means of each morphological characteristics between weedy rice seeds variants samples.
As mentioned earlier in the text, the distance transform only gives us the minor axis value in the case of non-circular cross section.
However, according to EC3 method the most critical buckling mode of one chord about column's minor axis should be taken (Table 1).
They are area, centroid-X, centroid-Y, eccentricity, orientation, major axis, minor axis and solidity.
The most common orientation for the minor axis corresponded to the longitudinal/flow direction for the main arteries and the circumferential direction in the trunks.
Next, a ratio (b/a) of a major axis radius (b) to a minor axis radius (a) of an ellipse (18) is input.
At the initial orientation of 0, the primary saw was parallel to the minor axis of the elliptical cross sections and the cant processed in a perpendicular direction (Fig.
1), the aspect ratio of the handle is the ratio of the major axis (width of the handle perpendicular to the parting line) to the minor axis (width of the handle parallel to the parting line).
Each embossed feature has a major and a minor axis length.
Is it significant that the major axis of the rectangular base of the Ka'bah is aligned towards the rising-point of the star Canopus over the horizon of Makkah, and the minor axis is aligned to the solar rising at the summer solstice?
Eventually, both major and minor Axis war criminals were tried.
In planning ablations for the correction of astigmatism, the minor axis of the astigmatic correction is always equal to or greater than the optical zone.