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r] are the axes along the minor axis and the major axis of the ellipse, respectively, and [r.
Features namely maximum length of the detected edge, the ratio major and minor axis, number of pixel, maximum convolution, and the number of intersection were analyzed and used to create a prediction model to identify the surface of dorsal and ventral.
So we considered the major axis as actual length (L) and minor axis as actual width (W) as well as thickness (T) of cashew kernel as shown in Figure 3b, c and d (Balasubramanian, 2001).
The two electrodes were located 5 cm apart at both ends of the probe's minor axis and constituted two observation points on a straight line.
It can be approximated as three rectangular with major and minor axis a and b.
It was made by first projecting and interpolating onto a horizontal screen these upward rays along the minor axis of the cabochon, together with the rest of the rays producing creaminess in this plane.
2] and then calculated the transition quadrupole moment Q which is related to the ratio X of the major to minor axis.
Weedy rice seeds length, width, rectangular aspect ratio, major axis length, minor axis length, and aspect ratio were analyzedusing one way analysis of variance (ANOVA) by comparing the means of each morphological characteristics between weedy rice seeds variants samples.
The asymmetric ratio of the rectangular spacing of the four balancers, which is about 3:1 in the tentacular versus sagittal planes, is significantly greater than the major/ minor axis ratio of 1.
The description and definition of the standard deviation ellipse include mainly three parameters, the major axis Lt, the minor axis [L.
The features relating to geometry (areaperimeter and major and minor axis lengths) were calculated from binary images.
Wendy Lower provides a useful overview of the state of research on the occupation policy of minor Axis powers and their role in the Holocaust.
This method gives of course the value ofthe minor axis length in the case of fibers having a non-circular cross section (like, e.
The major axis has length 2a, and the minor axis has length 2b.