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very small European freshwater fish common in gravelly streams

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There were three minnows in the pool, which was too large to drain; and after several ineffectual attempts to catch them in the tin bucket he forbore.
We began casting minnow type plugs over large flats that dropped off into the deep waters of the channel.
Looking for Silvery Minnow in the Rio Grande, Genevieve Johnson, Bureau of Reclamation.
At 57-6 in the 10th over, another defeat against a minnow at a World Cup, like the loss to Holland in 2014, looked on the cards but some big hitting in the last three overs pushed England to 142-7.
But, as good as a minnow on a jighead can be at times, especially when the toughest weather and water conditions prevail, today most anglers realize they can maximize their catch on many occasions by using artificial lures, especially as we move from the Cold Water Period into the Prespawn and finally the Spawn and Postspawn periods.
We used analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) to test the hypothesis cannibalistic morphs from high conspecific populations, cannibalistic morphs from a population with high fathead minnow densities, and typical morphs differed in growth patterns and GSW.
Sent by his mother to a local druggist in their coastal town, Minnow unexpectedly takes a dark and wondrous journey deep into the ancient Sea Islands, seeking the grave dust of a long-dead hoodoo man to buy him a cure.
As if adjusting to life outside of a cult was not enough, Minnow Bly needs to learn how to survive in a juvenile detention center.
Among his adventuresome friends, Minnow is perhaps the only boy who does not need to ask "Is it true?
The researchers focused on the fathead minnow, a smaller fish that serves as important prey for larger fish species.
The Adventures of Max the Minnow is a rhyming children's board book, about adventures under the sea
He'd cast a Devon minnow a little too far and it had got stuck in a tree on the opposite bank.
Do you judge it by the size of the country, or the result - because if the result was the case then Brazil would be a minnow because they lost 7-1.
Flowering begins in March with Minnow, followed by Silver Chimes in April and finishing with the classic Pheasant's Eye in May.
You won't need many minnows--one fathead minnow can eat 74 mosquito larvae per day.