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very small European freshwater fish common in gravelly streams

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There were three minnows in the pool, which was too large to drain; and after several ineffectual attempts to catch them in the tin bucket he forbore.
32 mm/d) in this restored marsh were consistent with previous estimates of growth for the sheepshead minnow of 0.
I'd rather be the giant in Lilliput than some minnow in the broad seas.
It leaned down and rocked its head slowly from side to side, looking behind its reflection, searching for a minnow among the clouds.
The night is a blue-green aquarium and you are a minnow of gold, while I am a grassy seaweed, that wants with you joy to enfold.
Janathin Miller, founder and director of Camp Minnow Lake, Calif.
Photo: At riverside checkout, instructor (left) acquaints novice with minnow and twin-bladed paddle
Minnow Medical is an innovative cardiovascular medical device company applying its extensive experience in cardiovascular biology, radiofrequency energy and tissue biology to the treatment of peripheral artery disease.
Because of that was the case, then Brazil would be a minnow because they lost 7-0.
At the deep end of the dock, where depths rapidly dropped from 5 to 15 feet, Darrell felt a solid strike, indicating a flounder had just captured his minnow.
Both Prabodh and Michael are experts in their respective fields and have the experience, drive and passion to assist Minnow in executing the remaining clinical, regulatory and product development activities necessary to gain clearance for the use of our ZCath(TM) System to treat occlusions in the leg arteries of patients with peripheral vascular disease," said Raymond W.
Tadpole BW was nearly twice as wide as adult fathead minnow GW and 14 times wider than largemouth bass fry GW when each species was introduced into the pond.