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small finback of coastal waters of Atlantic and Pacific

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And there was a threefold increase in young minke whales seen - with 28 juvenile whales and 30 adults spotted during the survey between March and October.
The 2015 minke whaling season has already begun with unconfirmed reports that the first two minke whales have been killed, although the hunt is being delayed because of a strike by veterinarians who are needed to inspect the catch.
9m The average length to which an adult male Minke whale grows
The 30 sightings of minke whale were described as "exceptional" and there were 10 occasions when dolphins were seen.
The crews were briefed by the RSPCA inspector before going alongside the 10m-long minke whale and gently helping it into deeper water, where the two lifeboats shepherded the whale into deeper water.
Minke whales and other Mysticeti whale species grow baleen instead of teeth.
These porpoise were photographed off Anglesey Spectacular: Bottlenose dolphins Rare visitor: A Minke whale
The minke whale didn't seem to be doing much at first, but I noticed it coming nearer to the ferry," he said.
The Japanese continue to harvest nearly 1,000 Antarctic minke whales each year in the name of science, a dubious distinction to the protesters who have taken to the seas in the spotlight of television programs such as the Discovery Channel's "Whale Wars" to disrupt the practice.
The dead minke whale was removed on Tuesday night Andrew Archbold, managing director of Dragon Rescue, surveys the minke whale he recovered from The Knap, Barry, to be taken to a specialist firm in Dorset PICTURE: Peter Bolter
Minke whales can grow up to 30ft long and have been seen off the coast of Scotland, although they prefer cooler regions to tropical areas.
Japan has continued whaling in the waters to detect any change in the minke whale population and its effect on fishery resources since fiscal 1994.
Scientists plan to analyze the content of the whales' stomachs and determine how much fish a typical minke whale eats.
North Pacific minke whale samples had a total average mercury level of 0.
MARINE experts have called off their final aerial search for a Minke whale caught up in a fishing net off the coast of west Wales.