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a reddish oxide of lead (Pb3O4) used as a pigment in paints and in glass and ceramics


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After bobbling the snap on the punt, Minium should have taken a safety that would have only tied the score.
A child, born in Italy, of an immigrant parent who also has a legal resident visa and has resided in Italy for a minium of five years, is an Italian citizen at birth.
Both Wylfa and the Anglesey Alu-I minium works, L on the outskirts .
Scrawny Paul Taylor, 20, wearing a light blue shirt and tie, did not raise his head as the Judge Mr Justice Levison ordered him to serve a minium term of 24 years in prison, minus four months which he has already served on remand in custody.
Contemporary characters and situations, minium costuming and staging, as well as a variety of light drama, serious drama, and comedy satire are hallmarks of these one-act scenarios.
To be eligible, employees must have worked for the employer for a minium of 12 months and at least 1,250 hours for that employer.
Under the ACRC's Fast-Track Internal Operating Procedure a majority of the ACRC's Executive Subcommittee must approve the proposal, and unless a minium of one-third of the full ACRC opposes it, the proposal must be submitted to the Florida Supreme Court.
Fidelity Investments Life offers both variable and fixed deferred annuities, variable and fixed income annuities and term life insurance with variable features and guaranteed minium death benefit options, and also distributes third-party offerings.
Mark Minium arrowed this dandy 9-pointer with a High Country bow and Easton A/C/C arrow.
But what he had to deal with he handled excellently and with the minium of fuss.
Keenan, though, said, "It's a sad day when raising the minium age for farmworkers to 14 and limiting the hours of work for little children is considered a substantial reform.
Most positions require a minium of 2 years related experience and strong analytical, technical, communication and human relations skills.
Most of the chaise longues were sold to commercial customers -- hotels, motels, resorts, clubs and apartment, condo- minium or other home owner associations.
While a comfortable assumption with regard to mortgage and consumer installment debt, in the case of credit cards it amounts to assuming that consumer payments of interest and principal combined are equal to the minium monthly payment required by the card issuer.