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Synonyms for ministry

the priesthood


Words related to ministry

religious ministers collectively (especially Presbyterian)

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building where the business of a government department is transacted

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a government department under the direction of a minister

the work of a minister of religion

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Lesolee, Minister Kruah has visited every department within the ministry including the outlook structure of the building since he took office to know some of those major problems that are unfolding at the ministry.
According to MP Akylbek Jamangulov (Respublika - Ata-Jurt faction), the letter came from the Foreign Ministry.
Others are, Barrister Yakubu Kirfi, Ministry of Agriculture, Mohammed Mahmud Abubakar, Ministry of Rural and Community Development, Nasiru Babaginda Giade, Ministry of Cooperatives and Entrepreneur Development, Muhammadu Sani Bashir, Ministry of Power, Science and Technology, Umar Ibrahim Mohammed, Ministry of Housing, Land and Survey, Umar Abubakar Kazale, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Garba Sarki Akuyum, Ministry of Finance and Ado Sarki Aska, Ministry of Religious Affairs.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
He pointed to the example of the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture, which both aim to protect natural resources and can grant economic land concessions.
5% CiCiincrease in the budget of the Ministry of the Interior compared to 2017, with a budget of 2,879 million dinars.
President Rouhani's nominee for the Energy Ministry, Habibollah Bitaraf, failed to win the parliament's support, while the other 16 nominees secured votes of confidence to ascend to the top ministry posts in today's parliament session.
Instead, a new ministry of energy has been instituted with divisions of petroleum and power, the notification said.
When our ministry started, it had qualified employees who graduated from Sultan Qaboos University.
According to the SE[micro]zcE- report, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology will be replaced by a new Ministry of Science and Technology while the Ministry of Development will be renamed the Ministry of Industry and Development.
Sivagnanasothi - Ministry of Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs
2- Cancelling the ministerial positions for the following ministries: A) The Ministry of Human Rights.
New Delhi, May 26 ( ANI ): Television and other media reports on Monday said that senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley is likely to be given charge of Finance Ministry and additional charge of the Defense Ministry in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's cabinet.
The committee's members include officials from the National Security Organization, the Political Security Organization, the ministries of Interior Ministry, the Justice Ministry, the Education Ministry, the Social Affairs Ministry, the Information Ministry, the Public Health Ministry, the Endowments and Guidance Ministry, the Human Rights Ministry and Foreign Ministry.
Muscat, Oct 9 (ONA) The Ministry of Education organized a joint press meeting for Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamdan al-Toobi, Advisor at the Ministry of Education, Dr.
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