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Synonyms for minion

Synonyms for minion

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a servile or fawning dependant

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The minion posed with the shovel and the chunk of grass that he dug from his lawn as a way of taunting the lawn owner.
In an innovative two-step process, the researchers outline a new way to use the $1,000 MinION and the abundance of human genetic data now online to validate the identity of people and cells by their DNA with near-perfect accuracy.
Plus the real stars have always been the little yellow minions, who would be better off continuing their own spinoff -series.
Stranglethorn Tiger is nice, but it doesn't protect your board like a large Taunt minion can.
1BirthDay My four-year-old son Harry is Minion mad and insists that every card, whether it's Christmas, anniversary or Valentine's, has Minions on it.
She was last seen wearing Minions design fleece pyjamas, a yellow top with a Minion design on the front and long bottoms that are royal blue with minion design all over them.
Use one or two eyes depending on what minion you want to make.
It says that the Minion Caveman toy makes three sounds -- "para la bukay," ''hahaha" and "eh eh.
With the minion theme and user engagement, optimizing your PC performance couldn t be more fun.
Travel Business Review-22 June 2010-IHOP Restaurants Announces New Minion Madness Limited Time Promotion Event(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
You really busted your behind to pull together a fantastic space," one minion wrote.
The king who allows friendships to erupt the boundaries of counsel undermines his public authority, rendering him a tyrant vulnerable to flattery and exploitation by his minion.
0 minion in 2000 (the latest year for which data is available).
Indeed, with most of the field more or less exposed, it's one of the few potential improvers, Mornings Minion, who looks most interesting despite the likelihood that he will be sent off favourite.