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a bee that is a member of the genus Andrena

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There are scores of species of mining bees but they are not very distinctive, being mainly small (mostly a few millimetres long) dark, furry insects, often with orange or brown hairs on their abdomens, hence the name of one of the most common - the tawny mining bee.
mining bees suffer the attention of another group of bees which act like cuckoos in their nests.
A vernal mining bee, confined to the sandhills of Wales and north-west England, which will benefit PICTURE: Carl Clee
The marsh also attracts scarce and threatened insects such as mining bees, yellow faced bees, craneflies and the conopid fly, a bee parasite.
Creatures that nest in banks or underground, from moles and voles to kingfishers and mining bees, also suffered from being flooded out.
Jim Brady and Mike Barrow saw tawny mining bees at Prescot Vicarage Garden and peacock and speckled wood butterflies.
CHRIS FELTON counted 20 yellowhammers in the Kirkby Moss area, and on a visit to Highfield Moss, near Leigh, found a large collective of andrena mining bees.
JIM BRADY found masses of wood anemone, with wood sorrel among it, at Carr Mill Dam earlier this month, with solitary mining bees active nearby.
It tells you what action plans there are to protect birds, mammals, insects and plants along our coast, from petalwort and purple-ramping fumitory to vernal mining bees and northern dune tiger beetle (that last one sounds particularly fierce).
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