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laying explosive mines in concealed places to destroy enemy personnel and equipment

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While administration supporters can point to a steady drop in the number of coal mining deaths through 2005, when a record low of twenty-two occurred, those numbers don't tell the whole story.
This activity aims to better determine the location and extent of underground mine workings, in addition to evaluating the potential to mine remnant gold mineralization as part of an open-pit mining operation.
You're right, not a lot of insurance companies have the appetite to do mining risks.
The image suggested by the term "data mining" is an attractive one, but, unfortunately, it may not be very informative to those records and information management (RIM) professionals who need to know what data mining means for them.
Barrick is now studying the request, but the company has said publicly that underground mining is not feasible.
The authors conclude with the concept of "defensive mine planning" and a suggested list of relevant measures, the majority of which have already been incorporated in the mandatory environmental impact assessment of any significant proposed mining operations in North America.
Data mining serves as an automated tool that uses multiple advanced computational techniques, including artificial intelligence (the use of computers to perform logical functions), to fully explore and characterize large data sets involving one or more data sources, identifying significant, recognizable patterns, trends, and relationships not easily detected through traditional analytical techniques alone.
For South Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Bucyrus International, prolonging component life and increasing mining machine productivity often means designing components as castings.
Army Corps of Engineers is collaborating with the ADTI-MMS to develop a database of metal mining remediation technologies.
Throughout coal country, the manmade earthquakes caused by longwall mining transform perennial streams into parched creek beds, while previously dry fiel& become fiooded.
Companies engaged in drug discovery, genomic research, molecular screening and other bioinformatics work, who wish to rapidly incorporate advanced data mining features into their applications can now do so by using NAG Data Mining Components as building blocks.
Minerals are extracted from the ground through surface and underground mining methods.
Those talks broke down after TMC officials insisted that their BLM contract allowing the mining of 56.
The process of proletarianization in the copper mining enclave involved the redefinition of miners' work according to the new tenets of company social welfare and paternalism and the gender ideology of domesticity.
Environmentalists fear that mining for minerals there will leave toxic waste materials behind and harm wildlife.