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reduced to the smallest possible size or amount or degree

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Cardiovascular surgeons and related medical specialists describe minimized versions of bypassing the heart and lungs during cardiac surgery, which is not yet widely practiced, but shows promise for reducing blood loss, blood transfusions, haemodilution, and stroke.
Use of round-grained washed silica sand with a grain fineness number (GFN) of 67 minimized the formation of lustrous carbon wrinkling defects.
Dell, an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, said her committee decided in the end that the adverse health risks of mercury are well documented, and that exposure should be minimized.
To restore the minimized windows, press Windows button+Shift+M.
The investigator rationalized Brad's actions by focusing on the stress and tension in the house, projected the blame onto Valerie's mother and Valerie herself, minimized the homicide by calling it unplanned, and provided viable reasons for a confession by encouraging Brad to tell his side of the story as an opportunity to determine his own future.
The tire shred fill shall be constructed in such a way that infiltration of water and air is minimized.
These claims can be minimized by taking a proactive approach to treatment in the camp infirmary.
Minimized cardiopulmonary bypass techniques use developments in perfusion technology to significantly reduce foreign surface-blood interactions to make bypass simpler and safer.
Color can be minimized by improvements in brown stock washing, oxygen delignification with good post-oxygen washing, and use of hydrogen peroxide, ozone, or both to supply part of the oxidant demand in pulp bleaching," he said.
Slag inclusions, blow hole defects and eroded molding media and refractory material are all inclusions that can be minimized through the use of filters.
For any IT professional that has suffered the headaches of trying to deploy and manage Exchange servers for their remote offices, PostPath Remote Office Edition provides relief by including native support for Outlook, Blackberry, Active Directory, and other Exchange Servers, with the ability to deliver low latency, minimized hardware cost, offsite replication and high availability (HA), and low maintenance over low-bandwidth pipes.
Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions are minimized by optimal control of combustion in the lime kiln," he said.
Rebate payments are also minimized with a new benefits validation feature that allows duplicate rebate payment requests to be managed on a priority basis, enabling rebate payments to occur under specific commercial or government plans; if payments were previously made under a different plan, I-many Validata will interface with I-many CARS to reverse those earlier rebate payments.
When you can deliver properties to your customer's customer such as enhanced sheet uniformity, the ability to control inks, and minimized release of carbonates onto their presses, why not do it?
Among these choices, I-many Validata was favored because it offered a Web-based interface that minimized network resource utilization and enabled easy access from any internet-enabled PC.