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Synonyms for minimalist

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a conservative who advocates only minor reforms in government or politics

a practitioner or advocate of artistic minimalism

advocating minimal reforms (as in government or politics)

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The latter candidate emerged victorious as the prototypical politician of the minimalist era-in the words of coeditor Bert Rockman, "a pastel political personality.
Having accrued an experience of being a minimalist for three years, she is well placed to share her advice with aspiring minimalists in the UAE.
Sibony also put cardboard, wood, and packing tape to good use, vacillating nonchalantly between a minimalist aesthetic and more-is-more craftiness.
Have Minimalist sculptors become, as Barnett Newman would have said, just new "Bauhaus screwdriver designers"?
Of course there were theoretical discussions at the Academy; Benjamin Buchloh was teaching seminars on Minimalist and Conceptual art, for instance.
Selected for such canonical Minimal shows as "Black, White and Gray" (1964) and "Primary Structures" (1966), Truitt was identified as a Minimalist, yet her hand-painted surfaces, instinctive color, and retention of allusion countered that tendency's literalist impulse, best summarized by Frank Stella's tautological maxim "What you see is what you see.
Like Christo's Storefronts of 1964-65, these were almost two-dimensional: melancholic Minimalist facades.
The show as a whole makes painfully clear why Serra and the Minimalists turned to industrial fabrication.
In her paintings, allover rhythmic compositions become a monotonous drone, finding resolution in neither the bodily music of Abstract Expressionists nor the geometric rigor of Minimalists.
But he considers the other successful minimalists Steve Reich and Philip Glass to have abandoned the music's premise for the creation of a collectible artwork, a notated product, rather than "addressing the turbulence of musical listening directly.
Smith's work has often been subsumed under the category of Minimal art, due largely to quintessentially Minimalist works such as Die and The Black Box (both 1962) but also to the fact that, like many Minimalists, he had his work fabricated.
These funneling, modular streaks of pink, daylight, and yellow ceiling tubes may relate, of course, to the issues of calibrated linear extension that haunted many Minimalists, but any would-be purism is almost camouflaged in the station by its utilitarian neighbors on parallel tracks.
Not everyone subscribed to this characterization of Baer's work, least of all the Minimalists themselves, who held radically divergent views of painting.
Summary: Minimalists in UAE talk about why less is making their lives more meaningful
Minimalists say that it's about spending more energy on living, less energy on having.