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Synonyms for minimalist

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a conservative who advocates only minor reforms in government or politics

a practitioner or advocate of artistic minimalism

advocating minimal reforms (as in government or politics)

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The teams main aim in the final 15 days of the campaign, is to capture the imagination of all the minimalists out there they have yet to reach.
ACELEBRATION of minimalist music takes place in Coventry this month when the Basel Symphony Orchestra calls in on the city as part of their first UK tour.
Compressing the teapot, Deller goes in the opposite direction and inverts the movement of the minimalists.
He asserts that a majority of the Justices on the final Rehnquist Court (1994-2005) were minimalists, including the important swing Justices in the ideological center of the Court--Justices O'Connor and Kennedy.
Obviously, minimalists rule narrowly and without an overall theory of constitutional interpretation, but Sunstein never explains what distinguishes a minimalist decision from a perfectionist one.
The installation opened with an impressive array of boxes, juxtaposing Untitled, 1963, Donald Judd's cadmium-red floor piece with its band of purple Plexiglas, one of the first exhibited examples of Minimalist work, with Hans Haacke's Condensation Cube, 1963-65, where the Plexiglas box has become a vitrine of precipitation responsive to the gallery temperature--a climatological-museological "system.
Minimalists, explains Sunstein, are opposite in temperament from both originalists and perfectionists: They don't want the courts getting into deep first principle type questions on contentious social issues.
There's now a wealth of choice in treatments from classical swags to minimalist breaths of muslin and even curtains made from suede or leather.
The debate between minimalists and maximalists has sometimes been harsh and hateful--including name-calling--and not very helpful.
In the age of Changing Rooms and Homefront, the minimalists appear to be winning out - a recent survey among buyers of new homes showed 60pc of people preferred such an approach against 40pc who favoured traditional dcor - but is it high time the nothing-bar-the-Bang-&Oluffson attitude was put in its place?
Robert Schwarz, in his Minimalists (London: Phaidon, 1996), concentrated almost exclusively on the music but ambitiously extended his coverage beyond Strickland's, both chronologically (into the 1990s) and geographically (to Europeans who have done, in some sense, related work).
By the same token I'm grateful that recent trends in pop culture have given the mystical minimalists a large audience and allows them to share with the rest of us a music enriched by their religious faith and liturgical traditions.
Melvin Dubnick contributes a thoughtful article on the three major challenges to the classical bureaucratic paradigm: the minimalists (Niskanen et al.
LEEDS, United Kingdom, April 28, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Vinco Life recently launched their Indiegogo campaign to announce their minimal RFID-proof wallet to minimalists from around the globe.
Since its inception, Ruscha's work has confronted the challenges of a reductivist pictorial modernism--both that of the historical avantgarde and of its American successors in the 1950s, culminating in the work of the Minimalists.