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Synonyms for minimalist

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a conservative who advocates only minor reforms in government or politics

a practitioner or advocate of artistic minimalism

advocating minimal reforms (as in government or politics)

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Our Concrete series complements [the] minimalist lifestyle," says Onotone's Daminda de Silva.
After watching a documentary on minimalism by [US minimalists] Joshua Fields and Ryan Nicodemus, Murali was so inspired, she practically started on becoming a minimalist at home.
Preston also has released the Minimalist MLB "Heritage" Ballparks Collection, which is his take on 16 iconic stadiums that are part of baseball's storied past, including Chicago's Comiskey Park, Milwaukee's County Stadium, New York's Shea Stadium, and Houston's AstroDome.
Researchers have looked at the effect of minimalist shoes on running economy using submaximal and maximal [VO.
Minimalist shoes will automatically turn you into a forefoot striker.
He added that he loves the minimalist trend, which has been gaining momentum since last year, because sometimes simple, well-manicured nails is all that is required.
Johnson, a photographer who has taught visual art, discusses photography from a minimalist perspective.
The Minimalist Photographer covers photography from a minimalist perspective and shows how to take very good photos with cheap and a minimum of equipment.
Running barefoot or in so-called minimalist shoes is natural and efficient and prevents injuries brought on by traditional footwear, with its thick cushioning, especially in the heel, and support, advocates believe.
More and more runners are pulling on minimalist shoes like Vibram Fivefingers, or going barefoot, swayed by claims that it will help them run more naturally and quickly.
The Swirl Minimalist range of taps at Screwfix is great quality and great looking but reasonably priced.
Many healthcare providers have received questions regarding barefoot or minimalist shoe running from clients with or without a history of previous injury.
com)-- Tim Joseph from Casselberry, FL has created a minimalist workout that is easy to do, fits in to anyone's schedule and is very effective.