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an art movement in sculpture and painting that began in the 1950s and emphasized extreme simplification of form and color

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For Gregotti, architectural minimalism is a part of a broader tendency to suppress what is excessive in artistic practice, on the basis of discovering elementary, archetypal gestures.
On one hand, almost forgotten and now hard-to-find Milan edition had insignificant impact on further theorization of minimalism in architecture.
During the 90s, the constitution of theoretical framework included formal analyses, definitions, classifications of architects, as well as cultural and national backgrounds, in which minimalism was detected.
It is indicative that there was no mention of London minimalism in Italian and Spanish publications, where we could hear of local-Mediterranean, Swiss and Japanese minimalism.
Even though the term minimalism is not particularly stressed, both exhibitions are important link in the chain of texts (9).
Study of Japanese spirituality related to minimalism in architecture is introduction to highlighting the elements of theology and tradition in theoretical treatises.
This way, minimalism functions as a universal phenomenon of rejection of materiality and an orientation towards spirituality and essence.
In a Pawson manner, Zabalbeascoa and Marcos (2000) and Bertoni (2002) provide chronological maps of cycles in reductive culture, pointing the study of minimalism backwards, toward everything that contained concepts of simple, reduced, empty, spiritual, essential and modest.
The relation between metaphysical and economic aspect is emphasized in Jenks, who understands the term of minimalism as bourgeois version of late modern movement.
As I have said, Siegel understands minimalism in absolute rather than relative terms, as involving an intentional decision "to decide a case on the narrowest and shallowest grounds reasonably open to" the Court.
23) But he does not find minimalism in two of the Court's most eagerly awaited decisions, Elk Grove Unified School District v.
Focusing on the 2003 term, Siegel makes a special target of my 2004 op-ed, which, to be sure, does not analyze minimalism in much detail.
I have not argued, and I do not believe, that minimalism is generally or always the right path.
60) In its own small way, minimalism can be heroic too.
Siegel, A Theory in Search of a Court, and Itself: Judicial Minimalism at the Supreme Court Bar, 103 MICH.