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an art movement in sculpture and painting that began in the 1950s and emphasized extreme simplification of form and color

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It is for that reason the names of some Minimal artists appear above.
Souto de Moura is a very material architect with evident affinities with the group of minimal artists represented by Donald Judd.
In the 1960s, Frank Gehry began to look closely at the work of Minimal artists.
This extreme "objectness" is exactly what Minimal artists were trying to accomplish, following a period when attention had been given mainly to artwork, that either attempted to convey violent emotions or that copied objects realistically.
What I want to say is that, for me, it's not enough to use the same piece of wood and to name it "Boat," in order to change it from what the Minimal artists taught us by calling it, say, "Wood Piece.
The target is an apt one, considering that the quasi-religious interpretation of Minimalism proposed by New Age zealots such as James Turrell is forever on the rise, despite its staunch rejection by most Minimal artists, Judd foremost among them.
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