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an art movement in sculpture and painting that began in the 1950s and emphasized extreme simplification of form and color

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We used a 2 x 2 full factorial experiment--rich narrative (RN) versus light narrative (LN) and detailed art style (DA) versus minimal art style (MA).
Panasonic's Minimal Art series is available for purchase in Indonesia and Vietnam (Series called "Gen-X" in Vietnam) as well as the Style-e series in Indonesia.
In the essay, Fried condemns the "theatricality" of minimal art.
The architect John Pawson, a proponent of elegant simplicity, may be more responsible than anybody else for the currently fashionable misconstrual; but no orthodox Minimal Art is elegant because elegance is at odds with Minimalist bluntness.
The main topics set in Rassegna still remain: historical line, ethical aspects, relations with modernism, minimal art and postmodernism, as well as self-reference which produces phenomenological experience of minimalist space.
But unconsciously I think I was going for the suburban city and was rejecting the cliche in Minimal art having the work contextualized by the white cube of the gallery.
An art critic's description would therefore attempt to place this work in its own twentieth-century context and describe it as Constructivism, Minimal Art, Conceptual Art, or neogeometry with which it displays only the most general and superficial similarities.
With an amalgam of the abstract, the minimal art of his own, and with rich and flat areas of yellow and green he created dreamy landscapes, well grounded in the reality of agriculture.
El ejemplo del minimal art ilustra un problema previo y posterior a su aparicion.
His canvases may anchor group exhibitions of minimal art or abstract painting, but when shown by themselves their conversation fills the room with a rhetorical optical buzz.
The artist uses the conventions of minimal art such as the grid and simplification of the formal art elements, to his own purpose and to express important ideas about his environment and his life's lessons.
It's not easy to fall in love with the blunt austerity of Minimal Art, with its Spartan use of hard-edged industrial materials and finishes, its emphasis on pure geometry over nature or figuration, and its single-minded approach.
In minimal art, it would seem, are the latent possibilities, the alternatives, which are the essence of creation.
Its three floors now contain classical modernism, the art of the 60s and 70s, conceptual art and minimal art, installation and object art from the recent past and media-related contemporary work.
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