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Synonyms for surgery


Synonyms for surgery

a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations

a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments

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With "splash-down" on April 3, 2006, NEEMO 9 is a joint project involving the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the Centre for Minimal Access Surgery (CMAS) at McMaster University of Hamilton, Ontario.
Telerobotics procedures are the next logical step in minimal access surgery to help ensure that communities have access to needed expertise.
In the future, our technology platform will continue to expand into additional modalities to address some of the most significant unmet clinical needs in minimal access surgery.
SAGES is a leading surgical society, representing a worldwide community of over 6,000 surgeons that can bring minimal access surgery, endoscopy and emerging techniques to patients worldwide.
Albanese, MD, a pioneer in minimal access surgery for infants, children, and fetuses, has joined Lucile Packard Children's Hospital as the director of pediatric surgery.
director of the Minimal Access Surgery Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, said, "We selected Karl Storz because it offers the broadest capabilities in minimally invasive surgery today and has a clear vision for tomorrow.
The team has been at the forefront to develop and expand the frontiers of minimal access surgery in the country and beyond.
today announced that it has completed the sale of its minimal access surgery ("MAS") product lines to CONMED Corp.
Ballem performs, which also include minimal access surgery to remove breast lumps.
We are committed to putting leading edge technology in the hands of the surgeon that expands the possibilities of minimal access surgery.
He has a world-class reputation for his extensive research in advancing approaches for minimal access surgery of the brain and spine.
Anvari is director of the McMaster University Centre for Minimal Access Surgery at St.
Wockhardt Hospitals Group, which specializes in cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, minimal access surgery and ophthalmology, brings patients the benefits of global standards in technology and clinical expertise.