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The number of nodes in the Laplacean field grid may be essentially reduced by minifying the length l.
A number of other gadgets and appliances have also been trialled with the intention of tricking the brain to improve body perception, such as prism glasses and minifying lenses.
Various coordinate transformation schemes [8-18] were applied, rendering a cloak to be conformal, free of singularity, with magnifying or minifying function, or totally electric/magnetic (for 2D model), with preliminary experiments or full wave simulations validation.
Because of the minifying effect of my eyeglasses, students with whom I think I'm making eye contact often do not feel they are making eye contact with me.
com 10-point Website Acceleration & Landing Page Speed Optimization Service targets faster page loads by mitigating landing page redirects, minimizing render-blocking CSS and JavaScript, enabling compression, leveraging browser caching, minifying CSS, minifying HTML, minifying JavaScript, optimizing images, prioritizing visible content and reducing server response time.