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a digital computer of medium size

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Just for grins, let me compare the LTO2 of today against the first 8MM device released on Wang's VS minicomputer (my market before entering Windows).
Litton said other information systems programs have the capacity to offset the slowdown in minicomputer sales for the rest of the fiscal year.
A minicomputer can support a number of [TABULAR DATA FOR EXHIBIT 1 OMITTED] inexpensive terminals.
The two most popular minicomputers were the AS/400 and the S/36, both made by IBM.
The analogy extends to online service providers that offer proprietary solutions, in the same way that minicomputer vendors offered proprietary system software in the mid-80s.
In the earlier days of the micro-mini overlap, a great many management information systems (MIS) people were minicomputer snobs.
The development of a minicomputer system for the University of Minnesota Bio-medical Library.
With a minicomputer, and also UNIX, you have one computer (pie).
The minicomputer has an enormous bandwidth, and it does not require data transfer from node to node because it is already a multi-user system.
To continue operations on a minicomputer, Aines's department would have had to convert to an updated software package, which along with extra hardware would have cost at least $150,000, plus $15,000 annually for software maintenance.
Another connection could be from a local area network (LAN) to the mainframe, or from the LAN to the minicomputer to the mainframe.
Most respondents used the minicomputer for return preparation and tax planning.
Results from a longitudinal study of start-ups in the minicomputer industry indicate that, for most environmental conditions, specialist and aggressive strategies increase chances for early survival.
Over the past two years, the company installed one minicomputer in each of its 63 corporately owned stores and in approximately 10 franchised stores.
Chemistry enjoyed the benefits of a minicomputer for result reporting, work listing, statistics, and billing while other sections operated manually.
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