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small motorcycle with a low frame and small wheels and elevated handlebars


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The 33-year-old police officer, who was under cover investigating a robbery case, is believed to have tried to overtake the minibike when his rental car hit and overturned it at around 12:50 a.
Also stolen were a golf cart and a minibike both of which were abandoned a short distance away from the barn.
Accident investigators have been closely examining the orange and black Austrian-made KTM50 SX minibike, capable of speeds of up to 25mph.
Carmarthen Cattle Market, where a five year old boy died in a minibike accident
The force and council have also combined to set up a MiniBike club for young riders and each year the motorcycle section stages an 'Easter Egg Run'.
Honda Motor to release new model of Super Cub minibike June 19
TOKYO - A 30-year-old man from Tokyo has been arrested on suspicion of purse snatching, based on eyewitness testimony describing the suspect as a ''fat man'' riding a minibike, police said Tuesday.
But rather than aiming for the large-bore cruiser market, Newman saw more potential in the minibike and small transportation market.
108, Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment: Rigging Military Utility Vehicles (10 September 2007), provides instructions for rigging the following configurations for airdrop: one 80-centimenter minibike, one or two 250- to 300-cubic centimeter motorcycles, one 350-cubic centimeter Yamaha four-wheeled quad-runner on a combat expendable platform, and one 500-cublic centimeter Polaris four-wheeled quad-runner on a combat expendable platform.
CASE FACTS: Diana Guadagno was injured in a slow-speed crash while riding a minibike.
When he told his dad he wanted one, his dad surprised him with a minibike.
The DiBlasi Express is a foldable gas-powered scooter that looks and behaves like the minibike you or your best friend had before mom took it away after you dumped it too many times in the driveway.
eBikes of Ohio, LLC recently announced that its Pukka electric minibike will now be available for sale in the Tri-State area.
For the store's grand opening May's gave away five $100 gift cards, a Manco Power Sport minibike with a four-horsepower Robin Subaru motor, a L'Oreal gift basket, a Redi-Smok electric cooker and tickets to the Country Fever music festival.