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design or construct on a smaller scale


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By miniaturizing data, WindSpring's DMT creates significant additional storage capacity within devices, allowing developers to include advanced features and functions on a wider range of devices.
The diminutive Pyxos IC packaging was made possible by miniaturizing Echelon's proven free-topology digital signal processing circuitry and on-board I/O circuits.
The cleanroom provides a sustainable prototyping and low-volume capacity for miniaturizing electronic components and component systems for academic, government and commercial needs.
GE's engineers developed Vivid i by miniaturizing the components of a premium echocardiography system weighing more than 400 pounds (180 kilograms), to provide a portable system weighing only 10 pounds (less than five kilograms).
Discera's Silicon Resonator(TM) platform dramatically shrinks wireless architectures by miniaturizing and consolidating passive components in circuitry.
By miniaturizing the volumes of sample and reagents required, Micronics has reduced the time to obtain a clinically useful result from hours or days to less than 5 minutes.
Rather than miniaturizing conventional hard disk drive technology or using expensive solid-state options like flash memory, Cornice achieved the industry's lowest cost for high-capacity portable storage by fundamentally re-examining the mechanics and electronics of storage devices.
The key to successfully miniaturizing a DMFC system is scaling down the system components surrounding the actual fuel cell device.
By radically miniaturizing the motor drive and placing it in the tip in the catheter, this problem is eliminated.