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a small schnauzer

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Seventy-nine-year-old Viv Foster will be joining other walkers in Walsall Arboretum on Sunday with her miniature schnauzer pup Baxter.
The dogs have ranged from a miniature schnauzer to a full-grown Great Dane.
Terry Butcher's miniature schnauzer loves life in the Highlands just as much as his master but it looks like they will be going for Leith walkies from now on.
The effort has since grown to include 11 volunteers who walk their therapy dogs-including a German Shepherd, miniature schnauzer and Bordeaux mastiff-up and down the terminals a few hours a week.
There's been a Pekingese dog reported missing, a chow chow, a miniature schnauzer and a shih tzu - to name a few.
Only my trusted dog Scruffy [a miniature schnauzer she acquired two years ago in a trade for chocolate] knows all my secret recipes," she says.
Fiddy admitted to babying his Oprah, going so far as to hiring a babysitter for his miniature Schnauzer.
A woman whose grown son is in Singapore brought his miniature Schnauzer in so she could send him a photo.
FOLLOWING ATTICUS: FORTY-EIGHT HIGH PEAKS, ONE LITTLE DOG, AND AN EXTRAORDINARY FRIENDSHIP provides the light-hearted, winning account of an out-of-shape newspaperman and a miniature schnauzer who became mountaineers one winter.
Interests include mountain and road cycling, skiing, boating, golf, travel, and spending time with my wife, Barbara, and our three boys Max, Brian, Steven, and Buster, our miniature schnauzer.
She enjoyed walking and caring for her dog, a miniature schnauzer named Sven, from 1992 until 2007.
The winning dog for the role of Dorothy's pet Toto was revealed as miniature schnauzer Dave.
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