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a breed of small poodles

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Sitting on his mother's sofa, two miniature poodles curled up beside him, in a room filled with pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Ryan talks about Mars One as if it's a slightly challenging Outward Bound expedition.
The two dogs that were killed - a miniature poodle named Leo and a miniature pincer, Vinnie, had their backs snapped by the powerful jaws of the black Doberman.
Cowboy, formally known as OTCH Sandstorm Pardon My Dust VCD3 UDX3 OM2 TDX MX MXJ, is a highly trained miniature poodle.
Even the most gullible hunter cannot picture a toy or even a miniature poodle tangling with an outraged, crippled Canada goose.
One of the first customers to put the pet service to the test was real estate company boss Gwen Roden from Budaiya who brought her five-year-old miniature poodle Sambo for some five-star treatment.
But what really upset me was that she bought a miniature poodle recently and gave it the same name as my baby - Lily.
Even a dog bed and bowls belonging to her miniature poodle, Sugar Pie, are up for sale, and a dress worn by Smith in a PETA ad will earn proceeds for the animal rights group she helped.
I am grateful almost beyond articulation as I sit here and write this January morning, burnished by the wan winter sun, with Bijou, our creaky but game miniature poodle, snoozing and snoring next to me.
TONKA, a three-year-old miniature poodle, yelps excitedly before plunging into water to chase a floating toy.
Speaking of doggies, KNBC's Fritz Coleman auctioned off a pure-bred miniature poodle to Margie Petersen (Petersen Auto Museum) who paid $8,000 for the pampered pooch.
That'll be $45,' the taxi driver said, screeching into the side-walk, an elderly woman with a miniature poodle jumping out of their way.
What on Earth would make Herbert The Basset Hound or Cheeko The Miniature Poodle imagine that they were the answer to a maiden dog's prayers?
The starlet and Hollywood producer (T-shirt and tux) looks were big with the humans; some of the pets made fashion statements, too, like the miniature poodle dressed as a leprechaun.
Paul Corcoran, below, owns Agent Marketing and the "office dog" is Leo, a miniature poodle.
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