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Synonyms for mingy

(used of persons or behavior) characterized by or indicative of lack of generosity

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Furthermore, as Rashid Khalifa discovers after the battle, the mighty tyrant who almost sealed the Wellspring permanently is nothing but "a skinny, scrawny, snivelling, drivelling, mingy, stingy, measly, weaselly, clerkish sort of fellow" (190).
And place, all important to Hou, poet of verdant landscapes, rural train stations, and mingy, indifferent cities, cannot transcend the history that weighs on it.
I WRITE in total disgust at our new government's handling of the VE Day celebrations and the mingy allowance of TV broadcast time allowed to show a new young generation just what freedom in Europe meant to those of us who lived through that war.
You get a mingy pounds 30 for each pic they print, and a mere couple of hundred for your first proper photoshoot.
49pm-a mingy two-carriage mini that would have been outlawed on the BidstonWrexham line.
One artful image would prove to the Sophy Brophy Armours of this world that your loved ones' single mingy tragedy had been if not averted, then transcended.
Having regard to his behaviour I would have thought Mingy would have been more appropriate.
Consider the snowmelt once known as Martha Stewart, another indefatigable narcissist, reduced to a puddle of cake frosting for a mingy bit of insider trading while the gnomes of Enron have (so far) gone scot-free for the biggest robbery in US history.
Mel B invited him to select his own Spice Boys and he chose Sting as Tantric Spice, George Michael as Hairy Spice, Rod Stewart as Mingy Spice and himself as Mince Spice.
I sing boys' not quite needing to shave yet, though their mothers nag about the mingy silver-blond mustache.