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a scientist trained in mineralogy

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A few dozen new minerals are recognized each year, says Hans-Peter Schertl, a mineralogist at Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, and an IMA officer.
Leonhard finally turned proprietorship over to a young mineralogist, Friedrich Moldenhauer.
But ROM mineralogist Kim Tait's interest goes deeper--down to the atomic level at which she analyzes their chemical makeup.
2007), a theoretical physicist working in Brussels; and geologist and mineralogist Dibner, a friend and colleague, combined their memory of him, his accounts of his life, archival records, and his published scientific work into the biography Mikhail Mickailovich Ermalaev: zhizn' issledovatelya i ychenogog, for which neither date nor publisher is cited.
The team which found it was led by mineralogist Jeff Wilson, who is now retired.
Unable to identify the unusual mineral's composition, Rio Tinto enlisted the help of mineralogist Chris Stanley of London's Natural History Museum.
Mineralogist Dr Chris Stanley, from the Natural History Museum, said: "Towards the end of my research, I searched the web using the mineral's chemical formula - sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide - and was amazed to discover that same scientific name written on a case of rock containing kryptonite stolen by Lex Luthor in the film Superman Returns.
It is an issue that we are looking at and we are currently in the process of getting every track's surface surveyed by a mineralogist to try to ascertain what best practice is.
1946, A graphic solution for certain problems of linear structure: American Mineralogist, v.
Elements in the center of the periodic table tend to color minerals, making many ordinary minerals into gemstones (hard, colorful minerals)," says Mickey Gunter, a mineralogist at the University of Idaho.
All sources used in compiling this paper agree that Friedrich Moh (1773-1839), a German mineralogist, invented Moh's hardness scale.
1987, Determining (Al,Si) distribution and strain in alkali feldspars using lattice parameters and diffraction-peak positions: A review, American Mineralogist, v.
Green is senior research mineralogist at Allied Mineral Products, Inc.
His team - consisting of McGill University mineralogist Hojatollah Vali and Altair Maine, a 16-year-old graduate student from Caltech - contend their thermal findings support the possibility that microbial life trapped within the meteorite could have survived the long trip from Mars to Earth.
Mineralogist Dr Neal Fortey has said: "It's not 100 per cent certain but it strongly resembles sandstone from Quarry Mill, now a nature trail on the Scone estate.