mineral vein

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a layer of ore between layers of rock

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The locators of all mining locations made on any mineral vein,
Section 26 has three requirements for extralateral rights: 1) the claim is located on the public domain, 2) the apex of the mineral vein lies within the boundaries of the claim, and 3) the mineral vein dips downward from its apex.
97) Without this determination, a miner would have to locate successive, independent claims over the length of the vein in order to appropriate an entire mineral vein.
A mining claim for mineral prospecting that was located in a wilderness area between 1964 and 1984 cannot appropriate the length of a mineral vein through extralateral rights after passage of the Wilderness Act.
s joint venture with Bolivia's COMIBOL expects to initiate operations following a full review of its assigned four mineral veins.
The cliffs,near Lavernock Point, at Penarth,are made of marl cut through by celestine and strontianite mineral veins.
The cliffs near Lavernock Point, Penarth are made of Marl cut through with Celestine and Strontianite mineral veins.
The Nent Force Level was driven to find new mineral veins and also to drain the mines in the area.
In the local context, it has the ability to detect gold bearing mineral veins that have a length greater than 25m.
Above those are carboniferous rocks such as sandstone, shale and limestone, plus hundreds of mineral veins.