mineral extraction

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crushing and separating ore into valuable substances or waste by any of a variety of techniques

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After all, the first chart above shows that investments in oil, gas, and mineral extraction contributed a slightly larger share, albeit briefly, to structural investment at the outset of the 1980s, but then fell quickly back.
Patil said that the Prime Minister Hun Sen mentioned oil and gas, mineral extraction, agriculture and tourism as future areas for bilateral cooperation.
Those with experience of mineral extraction are in demand in the UK and overseas.
Pedro has been at the forefront of the secretariat's mining and mineral extractions policy, having established both the African Mining Partnership and the African Industrial Minerals Association.
Any expense would surely be off set by savings in the cost of new grit AND reduce mineral extraction and quarrying.
Mining and mineral extraction, including phosphates, bauxite and gold, has firmly established itself as another pillar of the Saudi economy attracting massive investment and input of technology and skills.
Crushing and quarries for mineral extraction not only mean an irreversible loss of habitat, but also creates an added stress to what remains of arid mountain mammal populations," he added.
In its first major policy decision, Putin's government has approved a number of tax breaks for the oil industry, including cuts in the mineral extraction tax and tax holidays for remote Siberian regions where oil is hard and costly to extract.
But that was then, and now burgeoning mineral extraction in the state has bumped the mineral extraction tax money to $300 million this year.
But planners at Warwickshire County Council say the site has not been identified on their Minerals Local Plan for Warwickshire, which lists areas suitable for mineral extraction, and the company would have to make a convincing case for planners to allow extraction on the site.
Her specialism lies in property development whether acquisition or disposal, mineral extraction and waste management.
This is essential to confirm that governments use the cash received from mineral extraction for economic growth and development, rather than exacerbating corruption, conflict and social upheaval," he said.
After all, where else would boys and girls go to learn about toy patents, or the finer points of mineral extraction compliance?
They included the inclusion of a green belt, deletion of the Cardiff International Airport access road, rejection of a housing allocation at Rhoose, and deletion of land for mineral extraction at Wenvoe Quarry.