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laying explosive mines in concealed places to destroy enemy personnel and equipment

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in its improved torpedoes, its minelaying ability, and its capacity to transmit and receive signals both while surfaced and while submerged).
Patrol aircraft participated in minelaying, dropped flares for air strikes and conducted weather reconnaissance and search and rescue operations.
As part of this service, NGIC has provided the IC with vast quantities of information about landmine systems, minelaying equipment, and countermine systems.
The Army Air Forces' aerial minelaying operations in Japan's home waters (Operation Starvation) in 1945 allows us retroactively to explore the relationships among airpower, chaos, and infrastructure.
B-52s are also capable of performing sea surveillance, minelaying, and antisurface warfare operations.
Now these conventional designs don't have the operating range that nukes have and hence would be suited only for roles where range doesn't matter-say, a patrol off Norfolk or a minelaying operation in the Dardanelles Straits near the
The contract is a prototype and technical documentation of the vehicle minelaying erratic.
The specific tactics to destroy such military objects included rapid raids with high-speed vessels and aircraft, minelaying, hunter-killer submarine operations, and sneak attacks after infiltration of enemy ports.
Caption: This Russian Air Force Army Aviation Kamov Ka-52 Alligator is illustrated in minelaying configuration, with a KGMU dispenser.
260 acres of space required Joint Precision (1999) to five acres (2012) Airdrop System) Military Precision-munition Joint Direct Attack guidance Munition, joint standoff weapon, small-diameter bomb, Tomahawk cruise missile, Excalibur projectile Combat search and Combat Survivor Evader rescue Locator radios, Motorola XPR6550--multiple examples Application Military Counterpart Agriculture Minelaying, unmanned ground vehicle positioning Aviation Military aircraft navigation Maritime Minesweeping, maritime navigation Surveying Target location $250/point Precise Time Tactical network synchronization Environmental Aircraft fuel reduction Disaster Relief Combat search and rescue Humanitarian Military
In a meeting with the CAS after the raid Harris admitted that while there was room to reduce these impacts the value of a real mission to aircrew nearing the end of their training was much greater than the usual leaflet or minelaying sorties.
On 13 August, crews sank three boats and two barges engaged in minelaying near Chinnampo, and damaged two surface craft near Wonsan.
Two minelaying night missions were particularly scary.
Tape track with rubber pads to the Transporter minelaying an overhead / Vehicle tracked chassis MTLB, set