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Synonyms for mindset

the thought processes characteristic of an individual or group

Synonyms for mindset

a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations

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On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing a conference on 'Islamic Heritage: Promoting Understanding & Moderation' in presence of Jordan's King Abdullah II said that the fight against terrorism and radicalisation is not against rather a mindset.
Informed by his fixed mindset, he knows he can't improve, and so doesn't want to waste effort on something that's bound to fail.
He was of the view that change of mindset would help the youth to make good choices such as when con fronted with temptations to commit crime and abuse substance, and internet.
Mindset Magic will be available on October 19, 2017 on Amazon.
Undoubtedly, the mindset which had so far been based on homogeneity is being forced to change.
The items of the personality types were adopted from the simplified version of Keirsey's (1998) Temperament Sorter (KTS) and of the mindsets were adapted from Dweck's (2006) Online Mindset Test.
De acordo com pesquisa realizada com cento e cinquenta e oito respondentes de multinacionais que atuavam em posicoes de lideranca global, o nivel do comportamento da lideranca que e critico para a performance da organizacao pode aumentar quando global mindset e maior (Konyu-Fogel, 2011).
Prieto-Romuladez said, The coming presidential election is a challenge to us to change our mindset of what we expect of politicians.
The Department also announced the launch of the Mentoring Mindsets Initiative, a partnership with City Year, MENTOR, Stanford University's PERTS Lab and the Raikes Foundation to pilot evidence-based tools that enable mentors to teach learning mindsets and skills to their mentees.
Our first study showed that middle school student participants in the mindset intervention developed more of a growth mindset (pre to post) than did students in the control group (Schmidt, Kackar-Cam & Shumow, 2015).
Dweck found that people's core attitudes fall into one of two categories: a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.
Her topics include what mindsets are and how they affect the classroom, why critical thinking is important in a growth mindset class culture, messages parents should hear about the growth mindset, some ways to help students adopt a growth mindset, and how to use her Mindsets in the Classroom: Building a Culture of Success and Student Achievement in Schools (2013) in a book study or discussion group.
We examined the notion that a negative perception of a developing country as the manufacturer of a product can be influenced by the consumer's processing mindset, which can be either global or local, and which may be determined by the performance of tasks wholly unrelated to the consumer's actual assessment of a target product.