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Synonyms for minded

disposed to accept or agree

Synonyms for minded

(used in combination) mentally oriented toward something specified

(usually followed by 'to') naturally disposed toward

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There are two causation paths incurring high-level value co-creation resource integration: Path 1 shows that the logical condition set of low-level leadership & authorization, high-level open mindedness and high-level knowledge integration triggers high-level value co-creation resource integration (consistency=0.
Row in Indian parliament over a journalists meeting with us shows the extremism, narrow mindedness of their politicians.
Conceptual writings on international mindedness dominate over empirical research (Cause; 2011; Haywood, 2008), and these writings tend to emphasize the 'slipperyness' of the term (Cause, 2011).
And he hopes his new-found determination and single mindedness will result in his best-ever season.
For African Americans--who are from an aural culture--the latter is problematic because literal mindedness stifles imaginative and poetic forms of expression.
It exhorts theologians and preachers of the divine word to abstain zealously from all gross exaggerations as well as petty narrow - mindedness in considering the singular dignity of the Mother of God.
Thankfully,in the days bef ore the Town and Country Planning legislation,municipal small mindedness was unable to thwart the vision and ambition of civic entrepreneurs.
We have been doing this for the last seven months and I can only think it is sheer bloody mindedness.
It maintains Jefferson's emphasis on rigorous intellectual training and the promotion of civic mindedness in its graduates.
Van Egeraat saw the commission as a chance to express the spirit of open mindedness and enquiry that had informed the university's development.
Considering our company's long-standing commitment to corporate citizenship and community involvement, Mimi's civic mindedness makes her a positive addition to our board.
The criteria for selection include a demonstration of business excellence, courageous thinking and acting, inspired leadership, and community mindedness.
These gentlemen bring both business acumen and a spirit of civic mindedness that will serve the Company and the Mobile community well.
We are honored to have an individual respected worldwide for his insight, generosity and civic mindedness lead the National Trust Council and the preservation movement into the new millennium.