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Synonyms for mind-boggling

of such a character as to overwhelm

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intellectually or emotionally overwhelming

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I feel that if his SALN does not reflect his mind-boggling wealth, the Filipino people should stand their ground.
treated to a 'showcase of mind-boggling but gracefully One of them even introduces some flames into the action - just don't try this at home kids.
Created by an engineering accident in 1905, when Colorado River levees broke and spilled into a depression 280 feet below sea level, the 380-squaremile Salton Sea is a mind-boggling mix of contradictions.
Assorted protagonists and sleuths--police, private, and amateur detectives (among the latter a delightful trio of 11-year-old girls in one of the anthology's best stories)--solve mysteries, investigate crimes, and confront a mind-boggling assortment of modus operandi (gunshot, poison, sexual mutilation, animal attacks, and more) and assorted criminals (unhappy spouse, corrupt policeman, gun-toting cowboy, computer hacker, werewolf, and more).
It is still mind-boggling to me that we have not yet had a woman President or Vice President.
The fact that these politicians have absolutely no scruples (like Bob Barr defending marriage after repeatedly leaving his numerous wives by committing adultery, and perjuring himself under oath about it while trying to impeach the President for it, and attacking abortion as murder while paying for at least one wife to have an abortion, or crusading for morality while being caught licking whipped cream off a stripper's nipples) and yet declaim themselves our moral police is simply mind-boggling.
John Perry Barlow leaves me with the distinct impression that this aging baby boomer has taken, as they say in scientific circles, "n plus I" tokes too many, For a supposed libertarian to say that "we need something--and I think it's government--to reregulate the market and make it free" is mind-boggling.
Last, but perhaps most mind-boggling of all: How does anybody get anything done in the American workplace with all the distractions whirling around them?
Graves recommends Richard Mitchell's Graves of Academe, an expose of the historic sources of the mind-boggling "educationist" bureaucracy.
What is happening in Washington Heights is mind-boggling," Capin said.
Super secret special events are planned for Atom's awakening on April 7, but the place is worth a visit anytime for manga fans or merchandising executives - the Studio Store by the entrance has a mind-boggling array of goods.
It's still the place to see all the latest and greatest in the mind-boggling world of gifts.
The lack of discussion [by the board] was mind-boggling," said Karen Doering, Mashburn's attorney.
Professional and nonprofessional players appear one after the other, doing mind-boggling dance, dribbling, and ball-handling moves set to hip-hop rhythms made by sneakers squeaking and balls bouncing.