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someone who mimics (especially an actor or actress)


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As discussed above, coded HES encephalitis cases are likely to have included mimicker syndromes, which would inflate the capture-recapture estimate.
Accordingly, to restore the constraint, the controller is required to raise utility of this potential mimicker.
2] is the wage ratio, and where "[conjuction]" denotes a variable associated with the mimicker.
He described primary adrenal insufficiency as another "great mimicker in medicine" (6).
Marine mammal mimicker Amanda Holden leapt to her feet to give her straightarmed flipper-clap seal of approval to decent little singer Natalie Okri.
The filly ran on well to beat 66-1 shot Mimicker by a length and a quarter.
is 100% free of nonylphenol, an alleged "endocrine disruptor" or hormone mimicker.
Known as "the great mimicker," lupus often is disguised by other ailments such as arthritis, arthralgia (achy joints) or anemia.
Such an effect is also plausible because van Baaren, Holland, Kawakami, and van Knippenberg (2004) have shown that the beneficial consequences of mimicry were not restricted to the mimicker, but generalized to people not directly involved in the mimicry situation.
For example, a rotator cuff strain is a post-traumatic mimicker of tendonitis on a MR scan.
Thus, any plant chemical constituent which is capable of affecting the pancreatic [beta]- or [alpha]-cell secretion in any of the three ways illustrated above will be a good mimicker of sulphonylureas, and will produce hypoglycemic effects in mammals via mechanisms similar to those of sulphonylureas.
j], the mimicker will have to work less to earn the same income level (and consume the same consumption bundle) as j.
The choice of private purchases [Mathematical Expression Omitted] by the mimicker is determined by the solution to the following problem