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the imitative representation of nature and human behavior in art and literature

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any disease that shows symptoms characteristic of another disease

the representation of another person's words in a speech

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Christian mimesis transforms these Platonic categories in every respect by ascribing immutability and its consummate beauty to the Creator God and by positing a rich correspondence between the physical universe and its Creator.
Attia's concerns with mimesis and repair are wedged within a broader discussion of the relationship between culture (stuff we've made) and nature (stuff we didn't make).
The concept of mimesis reaches across varied fields by different names.
The second part will demonstrate how Girard's mimesis can be applied to the account of monetary development.
Taking McGann's observation and Pater's image of the tracing paper as my starting points, I want to look in what follows at Rossetti's manipulation of the traditional theory of mimesis in a number of works that specifically evoke it.
Automata and Mimesis on the Stage of Theatre History
but recently updated by Ricoeur (1984-1988)--offers a theory of human action based within identity (a brief explanation of mimesis is offered in the following section).
The purpose of these remarks is to reveal that Auerbach's Mimesis is very much in line with those developments in English poetry and criticism which we link with the names of Pound, Eliot, Richards, Empson, Leavis, and Brooks: "A work of art has the power of imposing its own assumptions.
This, van der Heiden argues, leads to an emphasis on the poetic aspects of language; it is through mimesis and metaphor that novel meaning is disclosed to us.
It was at one of these meetings that Siza produced the surprise, with a sketch for the Mimesis museum in Korea.
If the story of a man, who comes through an accident with an amputated leg chugs along according to our expectations of verisimilitude, the entry of Costello would disrupt mimesis, and in its intimations of other levels of reality disorientate the reader.
This essay applies Luce Irigaray's theories of the speculum and subversive mimesis to Mary Wollstonecraft's Vindication of the Rights of Woman.
2) But it may also be profitably understood as a narrative mimesis of the Gospel texts.
Supplementing its "reading" with relevant chapters from Adorno's other works -Dialectic of Enlightenment (which he coauthored with Max Horkheimer), Prisms, and Notes to Literature)-this essay concentrates on the concept of mimesis in Adorno's theory of arts and literature in order to examine the various meanings Adorno assigns to that concept as well as the "constellations" in which this concept articulates with other concepts.