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an actor who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expression

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naarmate (dat): "(according) as" [EPI, 0_00, -p+c, f_VS] 'Naarmate iemands geestelijke horizon mimer wordt, neemt zijn bescheidenheid toe.
Swedish database systems developer Mimer Information Technology AB has introduced support for 15 major Indian languages in its Mimer SQL database management system (DBMS).
Cependant, elles peuvent mimer d'autres types de tumeurs germinales et non germinales, surtout dans les sites metastatiques et extragonadiques.
Simulation, d'apres les dictionnaires francais, est l'action de simuler, c'est-a-dire mimer une faute imaginaire dans le but d'influencer une decision arbitrale en sa faveur.
Khan and Parab (otolaryngology, MIMER Medical College, India) present 271 color photos of ear diseases for undergraduate and graduate students, otolaryngologists, pediatricians, and general practitioners.
And scantilyclad mimer Rihanna (left) still not really getting this pre-watershed family viewing thing.
A police spokeswoman in Rome said: 'We have been contacted by a Polish national who is a street mimer after he read the story of the mystery piano player in England
Pour lui, << jouer >> signifie essentiellement << mimer >> ou << imiter >>, si l'on en juge par les episodes rituels qui portent le nom de naadan.
Ulf Mimer (Ericsson Business Innovation) was elected Deputy Director.