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Synonyms for Milquetoast

a person who behaves in a childish, weak, or spoiled way

Synonyms for Milquetoast

a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive

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Those may sound like mild and even milquetoasty sentiments about a regime that continues to starve and brutalize 23 million Koreans while hoarding perhaps a dozen nuclear warheads.
But the White House's enjoyment of such solicitous service may be one reason Bush's solution to the health care crisis, like many other free-marketeers', is a few milquetoasty tax credits, which do little to address some of the basic health-care problems of less pampered patients.
So as Dale repairs the swimming pool and generally lurks about, ogling the Tilsons' teenage daughter Kristen (Kristen Stewart), arousing the suspicions of son Jesse (Ryan Wilson), brandishing his sweaty six-pack abs for Leah's delectation and developing a simmering antagonism with Cooper, you know it's only a manner of time before the milquetoasty hubby is forced to summon his inner warrior and do battle with the ill-intentioned interloper; it's only surprising that he doesn't sit down to watch "Straw Dogs" or "Cape Fear" to get with the program sooner.
Sam is even more of a pushover than was Chaplin's milquetoasty clerk opposite Nicole Kidman in "Birthday Girl," which the actor might bear in mind when considering future roles.
While Brown is without a doubt the most experienced newsie of the bunch, critics contend he's a bit too milquetoasty.