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a meter that shows mileage traversed

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In rare cases an electrical fault can make a milometer reading appear wrong.
Its mileage is unknown as the car has no milometer or logbook.
Window winders and locks, wipers, milometer, dashboard instruments, pedal condition and door sills should also be checked.
Though the milometer is in overdrive, his current form suggests Carr's engine is still purring sweetly.
It's punters who turn it into a performance by kicking the tyres of a defenceless Nissan, because that's what everyone else does, or by heaving force 10 sighs over the milometer of a Morris Minor.
They put a milometer on a chap's leg 20 odd years ago and it was 27 miles at the end of the day.
Unfortunately, Renault did not document the real mileage and the car was sold to Motorworld at Tipton who then sold it to Miss Bradley - with the 14,500 on the milometer," said Mr Dewsbury.
And if your passenger is helping you navigate it helps if they can see the milometer as well.
Higgins wound back the milometer on one Sierra by 100,000 miles and altered another car five times so customers would think they were hiring low-mileage cars.
The rainfall in milometers during the last 24 hours was as KP: Kalam 12, Malamjabba 02, Gilgit-Baltistan: Bagrote 08, Gilgit 04, Gupis 02, Chillas 01, Kashmir; Garhidupatta 01.
First, in Nottingham, Maxwell Alvey has admitted ten counts of fraud after he wiped MILLIONS of miles off van milometers.
He also sold cars that had done at least 30,000 more miles than was indicated on the milometers.
William Carroll, 32, of Four Acres Caravan Site in Cirencester bought high mileage white commercial vans and "clocked" them by turning the milometers back, Abergavenny magistrates were told.
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They were then secretly filmed trying to sell four more vehicles with a total of 280,000 miles wiped off their milometers.