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corrugated edge of a coin

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In the first game of the Bruins' nonconference contest against Utah, Milling jumped up to block a shot and landed awkwardly on teammate Elisabeth Bachman's foot.
The facility will be available for the custom milling of ores produced by other companies in and around the Lakeview district as it was in the past.
If Tembec's Kenogami mill remains closed, Rosko Forestry Operations is ready to develop its own milling and planing facility in Kirkland Lake.
When milling rubber compounds, due to the rubber's mainly higher viscosity (compared to many silicones), it was necessary for the rubber to remain in place between the material guides.
Bob's Red Mill is the only leading whole grain manufacturer using old-world millstones in the milling of its hundreds of all-natural whole grain products.
Grinders, mills, extruders, autoclaves Services offered: Specialty elastomer reclaiming, custom blending, calendering, milling, pelletizing, preforming, refining and screening Capacity: 10 million lbs.