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Synonyms for millennium

a span of 1000 years

(New Testament) in Revelations it is foretold that those faithful to Jesus will reign with Jesus over the earth for a thousand years

the 1000th anniversary (or the celebration of it)

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For example, the most notorious and widely criticized Christianity-inspired sect in China is the Almighty God Church, popularly known as the "Eastern Lightning," whose nickname derives from millennialist and Asia-centered interpretations of Matthew 24:27--"For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man"--a passage frequently interpreted by a variety of Christian sects in Asia to indicate the Second Coming will occur (or has already occurred) in the Far East.
The relative indifference toward secular social change that it discerns continues over time as a trend in some millennialist denominations, influenced also by the strong stress on personal sanctity in some mainstream Baptist, Holiness, and Pentecostal churches.
Or it could be put a little less abrasively by contending that, while mission discourse led to an internalized 'self-contempt' and underscored a black inferiority towards whites, it also provided a means of explaining inequalities and (especially in its 'more millennialist versions') a hope of overcoming them (Wardlow, p.
All shared a millennialist orientation, and all displayed, despite differences, "Zionist" aims, seeking and supporting restoration for the Jews to "the Promised Land.
With this series of idealistic articles on Christian union, Gregory declared his readiness to engage the world as an evangelical millennialist.
Millennialist Christians, namely the Millerites, even went so far as to set a date for the impending Second Coming --March 1843.
Herrero Brasas respectfully reports Kuebrich's view that "Whitman's drive for the moral reform of individual men and women and of society as whole stems from his absorption of Arminian millennialist theology.
However, the conquest of the West Bank in 1967 facilitated the rise of millennialist social and political movements such as Gush Emunim, Tehiya, National Union, and Mafdal, which reinvented itself as a rightist party in the 1980s.
Mather's Puritanism was millennialist, expecting that religious adversaries and the "heathen" would be destroyed and/or converted by the inexorable march of the Christian gospel.
Ironically, Collins argues for the Christian origins of the nation, assuming a kind of Protestant millennialist hegemony that belies the ideological and religious diversity of early America.
Chapter 6 shifts the focus somewhat, from millennialist dreams of spiritual rebirth and universal brotherhood to Swedenborg's notions of faith and charity, and how those ideas shaped theories and practices of philanthropy, which may have informed or influenced Blake's treatment of love and charity, especially in The Songs of Innocence and Experience.
After some probing questions about whether I was a pretribulational premillennialist, a postmillennialist, or just an a millennialist, he popped the inevitable question: "Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior?
He was himself the author or editor of a number of millennialist works on the First World War and Jewish restoration to Palestine.
The Muslim world includes the secular Arab nationalist movements of Ba'athism and Nasserism; Saudi Arabia's dominant and strict Wahhabism; the revolutionary, millennialist dogma of the ruling Shi'ites in Iran and their Middle Eastern satellites; the Kemalist secular, republican, and statist tradition of Turkey; the tolerant and multicultural societies and capitalist economies of Indonesia and Malaysia; the radical Islamists of South and Central Asia; Westernized, multiethnic, multi-religious Lebanon; and Muammar Qaddafi's strict and somewhat bizarre Islamic revolutionary system in Libya.