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Synonyms for millennium

a span of 1000 years

(New Testament) in Revelations it is foretold that those faithful to Jesus will reign with Jesus over the earth for a thousand years

the 1000th anniversary (or the celebration of it)

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The Pacoima firm fired off its own press release, saying Millennia's announcement was wrong: The Texas company had been negotiating for 51 percent ownership not the full ownership it announced it wanted Tuesday; and Millennia had misstated Zegarelli's 1997 earnings.
5 issue of PC Magazine also awarded the Millennia MAX XP with its Editor's Choice Award.
Attracting and retaining top professionals in this highly competitive job market is paramount to our continued success as a leading provider of e-business solutions," said Austin Erlich, president and CEO, Millennia Vision.
Our ASP division is the fastest growing and one of the most strategically important segments of our FSP business," said Austin Erlich, president and CEO, Millennia Vision.
Millennia Vision supported our needs quickly and effectively," said Michael Silton, chief executive officer of Rainmaker.
Millennia Vision can now offer all of its e-business customers the highest levels of performance, security and reliability of the Oracle(R) database with the speed, financial flexibility and scalability that comes with trusting an ASP to manage and host their database infrastructure.
To manage Echo's financial and accounting needs, Millennia Vision implemented a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) application, and hosts the solution as Echo's ASP.
Turning our vision into a reality in such a short period of time required the knowledge and experience that Millennia Vision provided," said Jennifer Openshaw, CEO and founder of WFN.
Millennia Vision has a proven track record of rapidly deploying fully integrated e-business solutions that enable our clients to improve their competitive position," said Austin Erlich, president and CEO, Millennia Vision.
OrCAD(R) (Nasdaq:OCAD) today introduced new Millennia Suites of its products, each of which is targeted at specific types of engineers.
Nasdaq:MUEI) today announced several enhancements to its Micron(tm) Millennia(R) line of computers for small business and power users, including systems for as low as $1999 with the new Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor running at 550 MHz; a new, powerful graphics card -- the 16 MB Diamond Multimedia Viper V770 graphics card using the NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 processor; availability of a new mid-size tower enclosure designed for easy accessibility, expansion and serviceability; and new low pricing that includes a Micron Millennia desktop computer with a Celeron(R) 400 MHz processor for as low as $849.
Diamond Multimedia's Viper V 770 Ultra to Accelerate Millennia PCs
Millennia Systems, which will be exhibiting at DSLcon '98 in Framingham, MA on October 13-14, is designing the modem to support residential and business users who place a priority on ease of installation and use.