mill around

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Synonyms for mill around

move about in a confused manner

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It's quite a task to get 30 or so excited horses assembled in a quiet, orderly fashion so the "just mill around for a bit and decide among yourselves when you're going to break into a trot" approach is probably the best way of doing things.
DAZED detainees mill around at a detention centre yesterday after a riot which saw nine people taken to hospital.
Don't want to be spending money to park in a regular lot and mill around in front of security, endlessly waiting?
While athletes mill around his work in Italy, he'll be laboring on his latest commissioned piece: a mural of the animated Chicken Little for Jesse Jr.
Despite the denial, the rumour mill around the Arms Park has been red-hot that Howlett is the big-name wing or full-back wanted by coach David Young.