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Synonyms for milkshake

frothy drink of milk and flavoring and sometimes fruit or ice cream

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If you want to make a grownup milkshake, skip the milk and just add your liquor of choice.
The Mermaid employs peaceful conflict resolution strategies - embodied by a kid-relatable chocolate milkshake party - to help the Glugs understand the error of their nasty, littering ways, and the story ends with friendship and sharing.
It was pistachio milk, a creamy milkshake mixed with a sweet hint of Iranian honey and blended with crashed pistachios.
The Rock Music Milkshake Mixer, powered by electric guitars, will be unveiled at the Big Bang Fair, to be staged at Birmingham's NEC next March.
While entering the 'impossible' Big Mac Challenge, Matt gorged on 4 big burgers, 4 large French fries and 4 large vanilla milkshakes.
Aside from the obvious milkshake classics like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, theyve brought back the 50s classic: Orange Freeze.
Pomeranz also asked him if she could have one last milkshake from her favorite restaurant in Ohio, (http://www.
YouTubers Mo Vlogs and Lana Rose--braver souls than I am--have tried the milkshake.
After extensive discussions with customers, the team discovers what "job" the milkshake is doing: these morning customers have long, boring rides to work and they want something to keep the commute interesting and keep them from being hungry by the time they get to work.
Must try: Monster Pastillas Surprise Milkshake (P189), Merry Berry Bubble Waffle (P169), The Ultimate Hotdog Addiction (P169), Spam-and-Waffle Fries (P149)
We can't leave without indulging in the milkshake happy hour.
With its eye-catching and appealing cover, The Milkshake Detectives won't be on the shelf for long
But with recent fervent calls from readers for the return of the McD's milkshake, 7DAYS conducted a recent poll of more than 1,500 readers.
The pitcher wobbled wildly, and as I lost my grip, it spewed my milkshake throughout the kitchen.
Signature Publishing is to start a new monthly magazine based on Channel 5's Milkshake brand.