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a sugar comprising one glucose molecule linked to a galactose molecule


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If it is so easy to remove milk sugars, and the mutation is only required for drinking raw milk or whey -- why is it under such strong selection?
It happens when the body's natural enzyme lactase is in short supply to digest milk sugar.
One of the brands included in the agreement, Vermont White is triple distilled from milk sugar and Vermont spring water.
One of the brands included in the agreement, Vermont White, is inspired by traditional Tuvan milk vodka, and is triple distilled from milk sugar and Vermont spring water.
Normally, a chemical called lactase (LAK-tase) breaks down milk sugar in the small intestine.
Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest significant amounts of lactose because there's a shortage of an enzyme that breaks down milk sugar.
The milk sugar lactose is available in large amounts as a by-product of dairy production.
Since dairy products contain fat, you may want to take an enzyme like Women's Preferred Digestaid (800-728-2288), which includes a good amount of lactase to help digest milk sugar (lactose).
The company reports that it is adding lactase enzyme to the ice cream, which breaks down the milk sugar lactose.
In some cases lactose or milk sugar is used as an ingredient in the tablet and if you are allergic to milk products, this can sometimes cause a flare up of symptoms.
Lactic acid--a colorless or slightly yellow, syrupy liquid--is naturally formed by the fermentation of lactose, or milk sugar.
One solution is to take a Lactaid tablet (containing the enzyme that makes milk sugar digestible) just before eating ice cream or drinking milk.
Normally, the enzyme lactase (LACK-tase), breaks down the milk sugar known as lactose in our small intestine.
It is also a little lower in milk sugar or lactose.
Among other anomalies, he noted that someone caught with 54 grains of pure cocaine would face a misdemeanor charge, while someone who had the same amount of pure cocaine mixed with 16 ounces of milk sugar would be treated as a Class A felon.