milk shake

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frothy drink of milk and flavoring and sometimes fruit or ice cream

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If you are adding cookies to your milk shake, add 3 roughly crushed cookies to the ice cream [which is optional].
From what we gathered, there are over 50 cafes, ice cream and milk shake parlours that now serve freak shakes across the UAE.
The milk shake experience is also a treat to the senses because your hair really does smell like the delectable drink, reminiscent of a bevy of smells, from vanilla to chocolate.
Aloe juice is a well-known laxative, which helps eliminate toxins accumulated overnight, while the special milk shake has protein powder and milk or soybean milk, with fruit or nuts.
Jim helps with all the farm tasks, including mechanic, ploughing, relief milker and helping with the Daioni milk shake business.
Nick Wood, 29, claims that outdated tax laws encourage unhealthy eating by allowing cakes and milk shakes to remain exempt of VAT, while healthy fruit-based drinks like smoothies are subject to the 17.
The milk shakes and the slurpees getting thrown on the cars, it was awesome.
These easy, natural, calcium rich recipes range from Tricolor Yogurt Loaf; Oriental Snow Pea Soup; Scallop and Oyster Salad; Lady Rainbow Okra; and Swiss Potato Torte; to Blue Cheese Dressing; Ricotta Peanut Butter; Cheddar Bread; Banana Berry Rice Pudding; Almond Carob Milk Shake.
But in a warning to the other players, Rhyl bosses yesterday said Moran's fall from grace was down to a simple protein milk shake bought over the counter in a health food shop.
Toby sold him a smashing little grey gelding called Milk Shake, whom our father had trained successfully for Jock Whitney.
Demonstrate this ease of use to parents and kids alike by creating a Milk Shake Stand for kids.
The new shakes make customers feel like they just had a thick, delicious milk shake, not a healthy sports supplement, says president and CEO Lee Labras.
But it's easier to provide cartons of milk than milk shakes because schools need a milk shake machine or soft-serve machine and someone to operate it.
It's more labor intensive to provide shakes because schools need a milk shake machine or soft-serve machine and someone to operate it," says Konstance.
The hairstylist then sprayed a dollop of milk shake whipped cream -- a mousse conditioner with a squeeze of serum and neutraliser into a cocktail glass, gradually mixing the products to form a foamy solution.