milk of magnesia

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purgative consisting of a milky white liquid suspension of magnesium hydroxide

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Even popular branded multivitamins and the common indigestion remedy milk of magnesia have been claimed on free prescriptions by patients.
At Beauty & the Beads you'll find coke bottle green, milk of magnesia cobalt and Heinekenite (from the eponymous dark green bottles), as well as a color the Ghanese beaders called Coke 'n' ice (a watery, pale green).
Although milk of magnesia now is available in many flavors, some children find it still has a chalky texture.
With traces of cinnamon, garlic, Milk of Magnesia andAlphabetti Spaghetti, it's an aroma every bit as classy as Jen herself.
We were given great advice by our daughter's eye doctor when she had to start wearing an eye patch: just "paint" on a coat of Milk of Magnesia around the eye and let it dry.
Dab a cotton ball with Phillips' Milk of Magnesia, wipe over your face, and let it dry.
In general, people use products like milk of magnesia to treat constipation.
Two simple tests will quickly pinpoint the diagnosis: an abdominal x-ray and a couple of doses of milk of magnesia.
Perhaps it's the association with Milk of Magnesia.
He awaits the flash of milk of magnesia and the smell of damp
Here are a few: Harry Ferguson's tractor; John Dunlop's pneumatic tyre; Rex McCandless's 'featherbed'; Norton's motor bike; Sir James Murray's superphosphates and Milk of Magnesia.
c) Milk of magnesia, thiamine, Riboflavin and niacin.
To those who cherish such handmade offbeat places, the battle over Grandma Prisbrey's village is both cause for alarm and an occasion to wish for a refill for one of her 2,500 milk of magnesia bottles.
Milk of Magnesia and Panther Pink seductively pulling us into the air