milk intolerance

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Worryingly, girls who believed they could not have milk consumed an average of 212mg of calcium less than girls without perceived milk intolerance, which equates to over a quarter of the recommended daily intake for calcium.
A milk intolerance is different, as this happens when a person is unable to digest the sugar or lactose.
Acquired milk intolerance in the adult caused by lactose malabsorption due to a selective deficiency of intestinal lactase activity.
Ten of the patients with a final diagnosis of cow's milk intolerance or multiple food intolerances underwent gastroscopy and/or sigmoidoscopy because they had positive occult blood in the stool.
Researchers studied 50 children, 3-10 years old, who avoided cow's milk for a variety of reasons, including milk intolerance, dislike, and "lifestyle choice.
A major user group is those with cows' milk intolerance.