milk intolerance

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People like you who have milk intolerance have lactase deficiency, hence, the lactose in the milk you ingest passes as is to the colon where it is fermented by bacteria.
These tests revealed that spinal bone mineral content - a measure of bone strength - was significantly lower in those girls with perceived milk intolerance, and lower intakes of calcium, compared with the girls without perceived milk intolerance.
A milk intolerance is different, as this happens when a person is unable to digest the sugar or lactose.
Differentiation of cow's milk intolerance and gastro-oesophageal reflux.
Acquired milk intolerance in the adult caused by lactose malabsorption due to a selective deficiency of intestinal lactase activity.
Ten of the patients with a final diagnosis of cow's milk intolerance or multiple food intolerances underwent gastroscopy and/or sigmoidoscopy because they had positive occult blood in the stool.
Researchers studied 50 children, 3-10 years old, who avoided cow's milk for a variety of reasons, including milk intolerance, dislike, and "lifestyle choice.
Due to his history of chronic eczema and what the parents believed was a milk intolerance, once he was weaned from the breast he was started on "rice milk.