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a van (typically powered by electricity) with an open side that is used to deliver milk to houses

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KIDS at a Merseyside nursery were given a chance to meet their milkman as part of a campaign to dish up dairy treats from a traditional milk float.
Two directors for Coventry-based B&A Dairies will get behind the wheel of a milk float for a 260-mile drive - at a painstakingly slow average of 15 miles per hour - in aid of the Zoe's Place Baby Hospice.
This is the milk float on course to cream its competitors and collect a world record.
But last August Welsh Formula Three driver Richard Rozhon, 32, took an electric milk float to 73.
Someone might be trying to get to a station,or a business might be trying to get its products across the bridg e, when the electric milk floats appear,as they do with regular and depressing monotony.
People place their order on-line on our new website and then we deliver it the same week on one of our electric milk floats, subject to distance, to homes throughout Coventry and Bedworth.
This year cycle-power will lead the way with horse-power, rickshaws and even electrically-powered milk floats making up the parade.
4mph land speed record for milk floats, is exactly the sort of thing that our local authority leaders have been searching for.
Enter SEV, makers of everything electrical from milk floats to 18-ton lorries.
This included supplying milk floats,milk, depot locations and nutritional advice.
Once electric motors in milk floats became more efficient the old horse drawn carts gradually disappeared.
PRANKSTERS diced with death when they broke into a dairy and used milk floats as dodgem cars.