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a van (typically powered by electricity) with an open side that is used to deliver milk to houses

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lt;B Milkman Mark Woodman, of Cardiff, has renovated a 45-year-old milk float to help keep up with demand for milk deliveries after UK government plans emerged to cut plastic waste Rob Browne
Last month police chased another stolen milk float through Birmingham city centre in the early hours.
They built a 'green' mean machine out of a milk float and a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle, which they have named Black Current.
Again I'm reminded of milk floats as I'm whisked along on a cloud of electric hums and whizzes.
Electric Blue is (or was) the real thing--a working milk float that delivered its last pinta five years ago.
A TEENAGER was treated in hospital after he was hit by a milk float as he crossed the road.
TWO early-morning joyriders made a slow getaway - after pinching a milk float.
2m yearling who never ran, sounds as if it was made up, though if he ever did pull a milk float it was the most productive thing he did in his life.
He left school at 16, worked on a milk float, was a vending machine operator, a bingo caller on a cruise ship.
Now demand is so high Mark has spent PS3,000 refurbishing a 45-yearold milk float back to its original state which will now be used on the Rumney route in the city.
A SCHOOLBOY run over by a cocaine-fuelled pervert in a stolen milk float is now scared that burly Alexander Seddon will come after him.
Cancer-ridden Peggy hitches a lift on the back of a milk float to let Walford know she's back before joining up with her on-screen sons Phil and Grant for a final Albert Square goodbye.
The morning has finally arrived as a milk float rattles on by, the alarm clock is going berserk time to get up then, I sigh.
A 42-YEAR-OLD motorcyclist is still fighting for life after a collision with a milk float in Wolverhampton.
But back in April 1956 milkman Sam Waddington was ahead of the rest with his electric Northern Dairies milk float - and some milk floats could get up to approaching 30mph