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The main purpose of calving is to freshen a milk cow.
A total of 370,000 cattle -- 300,000 old milk cows and 70,000 cows raised for beef -- will be targeted under the program, the officials said.
US Milk Cow Numbers and Milk Production per Cow, 2007-2015
There are several "minor" breeds, however, that might be well-suited for a small farm or grass-based dairy operation, or for a family milk cow that only needs to produce a gallon or two each day, possibly sharing her milk between you and her calf.
The government plans to pay 40,000 yen for a milk cow and 50,000 yen per cow raised for beef through industry associations of livestock farmers and dairy farmers, according to the sources.
Officials slaughtered the milk cow, born in 1994, and its herd of 33, as a precaution, said the agriculture ministry.
The head of the Gallais slaughter house form, Mr Louis Rossignol, said that the milk cow in question, which did not have a mandatory health certificate, appeared to be in good health when purchased along with 27 others at a cattle market in Finistere, north-western France.
Total quantity or scope: Lot 1-fodder for their milk cow with 100 Tons
London, Aug 26 (ANI): Former Senator and Co-Chairman of US President Barack Obama's Fiscal Commission Alan Simpson's comparison of social security to 'a milk cow with 310 million t-ts' has infuriated a lot of Americans in particular the feminists.
According to the health ministry, the fifth case was a milk cow aged 6 years and 8 months, which is a relatively advanced age, born and raised by a dairy farmer in Isehara, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Contract awarded for acquisition of whole milk cow shaped bag instant dilution 55 lbs.
Contest participants type their cow name idea in the subject line of their email and, in the body of the message, enter only their first name and a sentence or two about why their name idea best fits the SMITH'S chocolate milk cow.
Milk cow, powder, whole, pasteurized, serum-free and starch, packed in carton containing 400 g