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large can for transporting milk

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Tenders are invited for supply of alluminium milk cans
These losses are a blow to farmers and there was a need for cooling on transit as huge segment of the dairy farmers can hardly afford standard milk cans," said Lemtukei.
She ran toward the door but she was just at least three meters away when a pile of milk cans tumbled and the glass door crashed in front of her.
The availability of affordable rural electricity, combined with equipment innovations, quickly brought the era of three-legged stools, open buckets, milk cans and cream separators to a close on the majority of MMPA farms by the mid-1950s.
On the eve of the Ghetto uprising, the Archive was buried in three metal milk cans and some metal boxes.
Amman, 19 Jumada I, 1437,February 28, 2016, SPA -- Saudi national campaign to support Syrian brothers has provided 115 milk cans for Syrian babies from the pharmacy of Saudi specialist clinics in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan in its week 130th within its program entitled ''Growth with health and safety'' to provide 20,000 milk cans for Syrian babies inside and outside refugee camps.
Grandpa made a wooden stand in 1935 that sat on the sidewall where he could stack six large milk cans to be picked up.
Many kinds of containers can be converted into portable planters, from wheelbarrows to milk cans to bushel baskets.
The Patients Helping Fund Society has set up hundreds of medical projects in Syria, like mobile clinics and field hospitals, and sent ambulances, distributed thousands of first-aid kits, hundreds of thousands of baby milk cans in addition to treating the wounded in hospitals in neighboring countries, he said.
Loading milk cans was physically demanding, with a full one weighing 125 pounds.
This 4-gallon takeoff on classic milk cans cooks faster, using steam and convection, and does a great job of preserving the flavor of the ingredients.
Our last visit to Syria was in September when we distributed more than 5,400 milk cans among children.
When the woman returned home, by chance, she noticed that the expiry date on the milk cans had passed its validity.
There were no roads on Catching Inlet at that time, so he purchased a boat that could transport milk cans to the creamery in Marshfield.
Rains are needed to plant crops and alleviate the drought that has led to famine in Somalia, but they added to the misery of many refugees who live in structures made of sticks, flattened milk cans and pieces of cloth.